About Us

Kaveri at a glance

The Kaveri Group, founded in 1976 by Sri P.K.Venkatachalam, is one of the pioneer fast growing Biotech Nutrition Private Sector Enterprises in India, with three-business divisions viz., Animal Nutrition & Health care, Poultry, and Exports under its flagship Company Kaveri’s Bio Proteins Private Limited (KBPL), one poultry subsidiary - PKV Bio Faarm Private Limited and other associate Companies viz., Kaveri Poultry Farms, Sunnex Commercial Private Limited, Kaveri Wind Farms and Kaveri transports. Presently Kaaveri Supreme Animal Feeds (Nutritional Feeds) have market presence in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. KBPL has ventured with National Dairy Development Board - Indian Immunologicals Ltd, NDDB for development and manufacture of Animal Health care Nutritional Products. Products like Calsagar, Vetfern 600, Goumix are now being marketed throughout India. In the year 1994, KBPL R&D wing developed BIO V PRO, SOYA V PRO an innovative protein feed products from the animal husbandry and agro wastes applying biotechnology with extrusion cooking Process for the animal feed industry was considered as a revolution in replacing low quality fish meal from animal feeds. KBPL was listed as an innovative project by Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Integrated layer poultry operations are in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu and these are backbone to our fresh shell egg export operations. In the year 2006, KBPL has received A STAR EXPORT HOUSE status from the Govt. of India for excelling in its export performance on rural livestock farm products. KBPL is continuously working for development of new innovative technology that would strengthen our rural farming community and the consumers at large. Kaveri Group has its headquarters in Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India.